Monday, August 30, 2004

Supreme Choice

In an Op-ed that appeared in Sunday's New York Times, Dahlia Litwick strikes a cautionary tone about the furtive nature of Supreme Court Justices in the US. Ominously, while the presidential race heats up—possibly the most important one in the last 50 years—people don't know why this election could be the most important. It's not who can bravely prosecute the War on Terror; and it's not necessarily about Iraq. It's about who can appoint the next Supreme Court Justices, and ultimately shape the constitutional course of the United States.

Will Roe v. Wade be struck down? Is privacy a right recognized in the constitution as the Framers intended, or are activist Judges reading it into the constitution? How representative is the Electoral College? Will the Confederacy hold? These and a myriad of other questions are pertinent to the direction of the Republic. Therefore, the candidate that wins this year's presidential election will determine the future of the United States.

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