Sunday, August 08, 2004

The Bourne Supremacy

I just finished watching the The Bourne Supremacy and all I have to say is: Wow. Even having not seen the first one, The Bourne Identity, this didn't detract in any way from the qaulity of Supremacy. The movie, based on Robert Ludlow's Bourne series, catchs up with Jason Bourne in India, where he's trying to piece together his mysterious past. The drama begins when Bourne's fringerprints are found at a murder/heist in Berlin, involving the death of a CIA agent. With this lead, the CIA begins searching for Bourne, who, ironically, also starts searching for CIA agents he thinks have found him out. It turns out, however, that a nefarious character planted Bourne's fingerprints at the crime scene. But, no matter, Bourne is out for revenge and he will not be stoped.

Before giving away too much, I should note that the plausiblity of the CIA being duped by false evidence may have, in the past, been a tough line to swallow. Though in light of recent world events, the story line tended to jive with conventional wisdom. It wasn't too strenuous an exercise in suspension of disbelief.

Strong points of the movie were its cast, photography, musical arrangement and tempo. The one weak point, for me, at least, was it concluded rather abruptly: I wanted more movie! And, unless Ludlow is busying himself writing a third installment to the series, this appears to be the last one. But I guess there's always 24.

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