Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Orwell Envy

Christopher Hitchens is now continually starting to sound like a douchebag:

"In what sense, in other words, does his participation in a shameful war qualify him to be president of the United States? This was a combat of more than 30 years ago, fought with a largely drafted army using indiscriminate tactics and weaponry against a deep-rooted and long-running domestic insurgency. (Agent Orange, for example, was employed to destroy the vegetation in the Mekong Delta and make life easier for the swift boats.) The experience of having fought in such a war is absolutely useless to any American today and has no bearing on any thinkable fight in which the United States could now become engaged.

It's one thing to be a principled contrarian, it's entirely another thing to be a contrarian for the shake of being a contrarian. To be a rootless polemisist: oh what a joy. Hitch is afflicted with an Orwell complex.

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