Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Check out this week's lead story in the Onion whch is, as always, bittingly funny.

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Anonymous said...

This letter has been posted on your site in the absence of an email address.

Dear Sir,

It has come to my attention that you are using the moniker "Strawman" on your
blog "thestramancometh.blogspot.com" since April 18, 2004.

The moniker Strawman was used as blogging moniker well before you 'staked your
claim' on 22h45 on that day. Strawman has been the moniker used by the main
blogger on "bovination.com" since early 2002, and crossposted to
"libertarian.org.au" since 2003.

A simple Google search before you created your moniker would have revealed that
the name was taken. You have not used due diligence to determine whether the
name was unique, or whether you were violating someone else's intellectual

To avoid confusion, I respectfully request that you change your moniker.

Yours sincerely,